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Top 10 Web Hosting
1 Hostgator
Storage: 600GB
Bandwidth: 6000GB

2 IXwebhosting
Storage: 600GB
Bandwidth: 6000GB

3 Bluehost
Storage: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited

4 PowWeb
Storage: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited

5 Anhosting
Storage: 500GB
Bandwidth: 5000GB

6 WebhostingPAD
Storage: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited

7 iPowerWeb
Storage: 1500GB
Bandwidth: 15000GB

8 Dotster
Storage: 500GB
Bandwidth: 5000GB

9 EasyCGI
Storage: 350GB
Bandwidth: 3500GB

10 HostRocket
Storage: 1000GB
Bandwidth: unlimited
# 4PowWeb
Feature 9.2
Support 9.0
Reputation 9.1
Data Center 9.3
Average Score 9.15
    Business Plus Plan Highlight
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Load Balanced Technology
  • One-Click Installs
  • Free Domain!

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What PowWeb's customers have to say:
Just wanted to say that ever since I first signed up 4years ago, I've been thrilled with everything about your company: the unbeatable prices and services and the top quality tech support which is the best I've ever dealt with. They're willing to do what ever it takes. Just figured I'd write because you probably don't get that many customers who take time to say what a great job you're doing. I tell everyone about PowWeb and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!

Barry Weinzimmer

PowWeb Overview  

PowWeb has their reputation proven as one of the top hosting companies. The company was established in 1999 and since then they are geared towards helping individuals and businesses establish a presence on then Internet. PowWeb has the goal of being “the perfect hosting solution”

We would recommend PowWeb to anyone who needs large amounts of storage and data transfer combined with top-notch support and multiple website tools at a value for money rate. Currently, PowWeb is the top 4000 most visited website in the world.

Their whole infrastructure was built and developed in-house. They also manage, own, and operate their entire network and all of their equipments.

They only sell one plan, PowValue. Maybe that's the reason why they can manage it so well and become one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world.

PowWeb Plan Features score: 9.2

The reason we like their plan is that their plan includes most of the important features needed for small to medium sized businesses. Apart from huge disk space, bandwidth and 75 MySQL database, you are also entitled to a built-in supporting cart, SSL. Website builder and other promotional tools to jumpstart your business.

Your domain registration fee is saved at PowWeb if you sign-up for 1 year package. Not only that, with their 1-year plan, you'll get deeper saving by having an additional of two months free hosting.

PowWeb's control panel does not support email autoresponders. So if a simple email autoresponder is a must-have feature for your site, we suggest you to try HostGator instead.

You can try out their Member Operations control panel (OPS) at . For demo only, key in
Webuser: demo
Password: demo

PowWeb Support score: 9.0

We have evaluated lots of web hosting companies regarding their customer care and support facilities but concluded PowWeb amongst the best ones.

Managing only one plan, PowWeb possesses a group of specialized customer service staff to address any issues you might have. They are trained to handle whatever enquiries you pose to them. We tested their response time by sending them both general and technical questions and are very satisfied that both our questions get answered in a professional manner and with great relevance within 24 hours.

Their live chat is an open chat channel with other PowWeb users, you can login to their their web-based chat interface here . Please note that you need to have Java Applet installed to use this feature.

PowWeb's Community Forum is the largest in the hosting industry. They manage well over 15,000 members in their forum. Once you post your question you get loads of help from moderators, tech groups and their satisfied customers also. Their forums are live and crowded with more than 500 users in the forum at any given time. They have such a huge knowledgebase that whether you are a new user or already a member, you'll be able to find your answer.

The email support is very friendly and can work with you in just any problem you might face.

They also have a tutorial section that gives you step-by-step instructions of the most commonly used features of PowWeb plan.


PowWeb Reputation score: 9.1

Even though PowWeb's homepage does not show the number of awards being won, they have very good reputation in the web hosting industry. commented on PowWeb as "A Great Pick! Definitely A Must See" web host. You can also find numerous good remarks on, the most comprehensive web hosting related forum.

The recent re-structuring of PowWeb's service and promotion campaign have made PowWeb emerge as an even popular web host. You can see a steady growth in their Alexa ranking since January 2004. Currently, PowWeb is the top 4,000 most visited website in the world.

PowWeb Datacenter score: 9.3

This company really offers outstanding service. They use their own unique “load balancing technology” which gives zero downtime. Their server's specs are so powerful; all are Dell servers using dual P4 3.05 GH processors, with massive 8Gigs of DDR ram, giving your website outstanding speed and stability. Unlike most hosting companies, PowWeb runs its own data center, with 1-tier connection using latest BGP 4 technology. This means multiple bandwidth providers, so you are sure your website will always be up.

PowWeb servers are connected to the internet at high speed. Their backbone includes high speed OC48 connection for efficient and reliable high-speed performance.

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